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Cindy Willcocks
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What do people achieve with Cindy?

Cindy’s is best known for successfully helping people turn their lives around and make sense out of a challenging situation.

Her 20 years as a Registered Mental Health Nurse (RMHN) along with an intimate knowledge of mindsets, adversity and self-limitations enable her to bring meaningful change into peoples lives.

Her expertise focuses on allowing people to find their inner strength and acquire a deeper understanding of themselves through a stronger and highly positive perspective.

Love is a powerful force

Central to Cindy’s work is the importance of love. Whether for oneself or for others, love infuses people with strength, understanding and tolerance, which leads to great personal and professional outcomes.

Understand who you are, love yourself and grow

Cindy enriches her client’s lives by sharing her lifelong passion for helping people successfully accomplish their journey towards empowerment and self-fulfilment.

Her achievements during the past decade are recognised for her innate ability to understand the importance of mental health within everyday life and the power of unconditional love to become an empowered being with improved leadership skills, enhanced communication and greater performance whether for individuals, businesses or communities.

Cover - Draw a heart around it
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Cindy’s New Book

Draw A Heart Around It

Creating a life you love isn’t without challenges and it’s these experiences that enable you to develop personally and professionally.

The model of L.O.V.E Leadership is a life-long framework for personal use and in business, which can promote good mental health, manage risk and develop resilience, reframe negative experiences and challenges, increase team and business productivity and achieve your desired goals.

No matter where you live or work, this book will empower people to actively listen, remember roots, take ownership of experiences and develop the confidence to say what you mean and mean what you say.

Everything is possible- apply L.O.V.E Leadership at work and home- understand it, share it and live it- conduct yourself as a leader of you and succeed.

Cindy can empathise because she has come through the tough times and flourished!

Cindy is truly an inspirational person. In writing this book she has bared her soul, shared her life, detailing the highs and the lows, the challenges and abuse both physically and mentally that she has endured. Yet, throughout it all, Cindy has always looked to help others.

Nicholas Kelly | May 2020

Cindy's book

Promoting the message of “No health without mental health”, Cindy works with her revolutionary mental health treatment for individuals and companies guiding people to implement her L.O.V.E method into their personal and professional lives.

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