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Let go of the past and be free at last!

Finally release deeply rooted fears, phobias or past traumas from the subconscious mind and the nervous system so you can feel calm, free, confident and energised once again.

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And discover her unique process of feeling free at last
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Faye Lawand

Feel like yourself again

Move from depression, overwhelm, anxiety, pain or burnout, and live in a way that feels calm, focused, productive and in-control. Discover new hope, new energy and a new clarity to see the world with positivity and peace. Show up in the world as the most authentic, confident you.

And do it without reliance on medication, talk therapy or expensive and time-consuming modalities that don’t address the true cause of the symptoms holding you back.

It’s time to create real, lasting change with a powerful, proven process. I’ve helped hundreds of clients rapidly move forward in life, going from simply existing to truly living, and finally finding resolution to the symptoms their body and mind is experiencing.

Now it’s your turn…

Don’t let your past hold you back

I know you’re here because you’ve been living for too long feeling stuck and emotionally triggered by events of the past.

They’ve left you living in fear, lacking confidence and out of touch with your true sense of self. Perhaps it’s not a memory you can pinpoint, or perhaps it’s a distinct experience that feels far too easy to recall.

Either way, those events have left their mark.

That’s because trauma is a stress response that becomes deeply imprinted in your nervous system and your subconscious mind, rather than in your hippocampus, the part of your brain where memories are stored.

It’s no wonder that medication and sessions of talk therapy, revisiting the past and re-hashing relationships, haven’t helped in budging the pain, discomfort and internal conflict that is stored in your body and is burdening your day-to-day with feelings that seem so out of your control.

What is that lump in your throat, that heaviness in your heart, that tightness in your chest or knot in your stomach really telling you? What is it that’s really keeping you awake at night, wired or overwhelmed?

Those challenges – emotional and physical – are unresolved trauma reminding you that your body is still feeling what your mind doesn’t yet have the power to process; that it’s stuck in an unsupportive and unhealed place, where heightened negative emotions are still spinning on repeat.

Your powerful trauma antidote

Because behind all chronic conditions, addictive behaviours, weight issues and emotional challenges is unresolved trauma.

I know because I have had my own journey with healing. As someone obsessed with human potential, as a teacher, educator and trainer and wellness expert, I thought I understood the depths of what the human mind and body is capable of.

But in confronting my own challenges – chronic stress, anxiety, fatigue, burnout, depression and more – I realised that traditional medical solutions weren’t addressing the real problem. They were simply a band-aid for the symptoms of underlying, unresolved issues.

Despite my challenges, I lived my life with focus and drive. I pushed through pain and anxiety. But the reality was, my body had been confronted with trauma from the day I entered the world. I was born in a war zone, fled a war zone, was caught in a war zone – and yet, I didn’t live with a trauma-led narrative.

At odds with the solutions I was given to each of the challenges I presented with, I sought something different. Something effective, natural, and without unnecessary side effects.

What followed was lots and lots of self-study. Lots of courses, trainings and workshops. Lots of small wins and setbacks too. Trial and error. Experimentation. A few steps forward and then some steps back. Highs and lows. Successes and setbacks.

Slowly and incrementally, I started to get better. Eventually, all my symptoms faded. And the best part is that they did so without prescription medication, surgeries or talk therapy.

It was the natural and effective solution I was looking for. But it wasn’t quick and it wasn’t easy.

It could have been, though – had I had a system to follow and a step-by-step solution to work through with the guidance and support of someone who understood me. A system like the one I share with you.

Free Yourself From the past and feel like yourself again

and be free at last

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And be free at last
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A Touch of Class

Here’s what I know

You already have everything you need to remove the memory from the body-mind and nervous system, to ‘flick the switch’ and reset your body after trauma – you just need someone to show you HOW.
Release Trauma
You don’t have to revisit trauma in order to overcome it.
Rapid Transformation

You CAN achieve a rapid transformation – not in years, or months but in a matter of weeks.

Resolution Long-Lasting

This resolution CAN be long-lasting, natural and not reliant on medication, surgery, therapy or other traditional cognitive or behavioural modalities.

Book your FREE Consultation with Faye Lawand
And be free at last
Faye Lawand
I created this deeply powerful trauma release protocol to save you time, money and frustration

I have dedicated 15 years, hundreds of thousands of dollars and hours of study into training and certifications, models and paradigms of health, wellness and healing.

Eventually, I pulled together everything I learned through that 15-year enquiry and everything that worked for my own healing journey into a unique and highly effective solution – one that results in rapid transformation

I have helped hundreds of clients finally release trauma at the subconscious and nervous system level – where it’s created and stored.

Now this unique formula for freedom is available to you

If you’ve tried it all – lifestyle changes, therapy, yoga, meditation and medication – but you’re still sick and tired of being sick and tired. If those chronic conditions continue to persist, despite your efforts to heal and find balance.

And if, despite your frustration, you have a sense that there has to be something more to the reasons you still can’t find peace, ease, freedom, joy, then this Trauma Release Protocol could be the resolution you’ve been seeking.

You are guided and supported at each step of the process. This is a personalised experience, with powerful one-to-one coaching to help you integrate long-lasting change.

Unlike other modalities, these sessions are guided by the outcome, not the clock. You’ll get the attention you need to work through your own healing journey in a safe and supportive way.

Here’s how it works

We begin by understanding your desired outcomes. This is essential – to get a solution, we need to know what you’re aiming for. Then you’ll work through a series of self-paced videos assigned to you. Many clients start experiencing benefits in the first few days of working with me (and well before any release work has been done – the nervous system is that powerful and knows how to take care of you and your life).

You’ll be prescribed actions and resources that will prepare you to integrate change, before we begin our one-to-one sessions. Private Sessions are approximately 90-minutes and are entirely solution-focused. We focus on what it takes to remove the implicit memory from the body and nervous system, and store it in the hippocampus, where it can be processed by the mind. We do this by addressing five levels in order to create change and heal – the conscious, the subconscious, somatic, the nervous system and habit and lifestyle.

Where the magic really takes place, however, is in the work that you do between sessions, when you will be integrating these new practices into your life in a way that achieves transformational results.

Throughout the programme, you also have direct access to support from me via Whatsapp or Voxer. Through text or voice message, I will be your guide, helping you connect the dots of whatever is coming up for you as you are integrating change into your life. This insight and awareness you learn along the way is critical.

The Direct Coaching in-between sessions is a unique opportunity to get guidance completely tailored to your needs, with advice and accountability that will be critical to your success in reaching your desired outcomes.

The protocol resets and rebalances the nervous system. It empowers you with conscious and subconscious tools for grounding and anchoring in the physiology of trust and wellbeing. You learn powerful evidence-based techniques that take you out of the habitual mind and allow you to access a deeply transformative state of possibility.

No more anxiety, no more fear, no more worry, no more pain.

Money Back Guaranteed
I believe in the power of this protocol so strongly, that I’ll even offer you a guarantee

If you’re committed to the steps that have been assigned to you, which includes not only your coaching sessions with me but also doing the exact work prescribed to integrate this practice between sessions, yet still don’t get the results you desire, then you’ll get your money back. However, I’m confident in the success of the protocol I’ve spent years developing and refining, and the fact that I’ve never had to issue a refund is testament to the power of what’s possible with this program.

I had to figure this out for myself – and now it’s my mission to ensure that no one ever has to go on this healing journey alone.

I only work with a small handful of clients at any one time to ensure that you always receive the attention, support and guidance you need in order to achieve your desired outcomes.

This protocol is available only by application. Your journey to freedom, ease and happiness starts by simply getting in touch to book a free discovery call with me. We’ll identify whether my Trauma Release Protocol is the right solution for you, and the right time for you to undertake this work.

Are you ready for transformation?

What people I help say

You might still have some questions

We can cover those in your free consultation. But here are some common hesitations that may be stopping you from reaching out.
I’m in therapy and on medication. Can I do the program at the same time?

Yes, all modalities can have a place in the healing journey. This protocol can complement talk therapy or other holistic care practices.

I suffer from chronic pain and insomnia. Is this program right for me?

Absolutely. All chronic conditions are symptoms, not the cause. There is mounting evidence that behind all chronic conditions lies unresolved trauma. This protocol is designed to address and resolve the true cause of pain and discomfort.

What if the program doesn’t work for me?

If you have intention for change and follow the exact protocol as guided by me, then there is no reason that you won’t experience true, lasting change. For peace of mind, I offer you a risk-free guarantee. If you’re committed to the steps that have been assigned to you, which includes not only your coaching sessions with me but also doing the exact work prescribed to integrate this practice between sessions, yet still don’t get the results I’ve promised you then you’ll get your money back.

I’d love to work with you but I live overseas.

This protocol is available online, so is therefore available to anyone, wherever you are located. I am based in New Zealand, however I align my hours to suit a range of global time zones.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes. While I encourage you to invest within your means, I believe that immediate finances shouldn’t hold you back from finally healing yourself. Get in touch to discuss options available to you.

I’ve read everything and it all “looks good,” but I’m sceptical. What makes this different and why should I trust this process when nothing else has worked?

I understand – I’ve been there too. I’ve invested in many solutions that promised me everything but didn’t deliver, but I know this protocol is different because I’ve done it myself. I also have hundreds of happy clients who share their own stories of overcoming challenges and are now living life on their terms. Read more of these stories here.

What is the time commitment?

Everyone’s journey is personal, but I’ve designed this protocol to take you through around 66 days of change – recent studies have shown that this is the length of time it takes to implement behaviours for enduring improvement. You’ll work through the resources at your own pace, and you’ll also have a 30-minute onboarding call with me, unlimited direct coaching via Voxer/Messenger and at least 4 private 90-minute sessions via Zoom.

How long will it take to feel better

Again, this is a personal experience, however many clients begin to notice significant improvements before we’ve even started the on-boarding process. My clients report experiencing transformation at a much greater pace than other therapeutic modalities they have tried.

Don’t go another day feeling burnt out, overwhelmed, anxious, in pain or depressed when you know I can help you right away.

Let go of the past – and be free at last.

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