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“Thank you for an amazing weekend of Kids Adventure Games! We participated in the event with three other families and it was unanimously, across the gender lines an absolute blast!”
We founded The Kids Adventure Games™ to provide an active, fun and confidence building outdoor experience for kids.
What drives us?

Simple, we want to promote a super healthy, active lifestyle, encourage leadership and sportsmanship, make kids understand and enjoy teamwork.

What else is important for us?

We want to help youngsters develop critical thinking and learn early on in their lives a genuine appreciation for the environment.

What is the race series?

The Kids Adventure Games™ is the premiere kids adventure race series in the country, featuring 3+ mile obstacles courses staged in picturesque, destination locations. In teams of two, kids aged 6-14 bike, climb, trek and race through mud pits, cargo nets, zip lines and more. Each stop in the series hosts a Family Adventure Zone, featuring skills clinics, interactive demos, a sponsor village, and recreational activities for the whole family. Hosted at picturesque destination locations across the country the Kids Adventure Games is more than a race, it’s an event for the whole family to enjoy!

Race Snapshop

  • Ages 6-14
  • Race In Teams Of 2
  • 2.5-4 Mile Course
  • 12-15 Obstacles
  • Biking, Hiking, And Water Sections
  • Compete For Prizes
“Our job is to create unforgettable moments for your children and make them stronger”

The numbers

Since 2014 the Kids Adventure Games™ has grown an average of 25% each of the last 5 years. We anticipate even bigger growth in 2020
Race Seasons
Spectator per Athele
Customer satisfaction
Likely to return in 2020

A memorable partnership

At The Kids Adventure Games™ we’re committed to instilling positive values and facilitating fun experiences during the most formative years of kids lives. Our participants, and their parents, leave with a huge sense of accomplishment and memories that last a lifetime. We invite you to join us in promoting fun, active lifestyles, environmental stewardship and transformational experiences to be remembered forever!

Be part of something special

I watched my 7 year old daughter face numerous fears and compete in a challenge. I honestly didn’t know if she’d try, much less finish…


Exhausted and angry, hot and hungry, frustrated they lost their map but they did run across the finish (barely). Through my tears of immense proudness, I told them that they did AWESOME and WORKED TOGETHER to finish. After a slice of pizza and a drink… They proclaimed “we are going to get all our Friends to do this next year and we are going to kick butt!”

Thank you for an amazing weekend of Kids Adventure Games! We participated in the event with three other families and it was unanimously, across the gender lines an absolute blast!

Everyone and at every level enjoyed themselves and left the weekend feeling pumped, confident, happy, and energized. What was cool is that despite the fact that no one won their heat, everyone experienced a championship moment by being part of one of the best Kids Adventure Games on earth – thank you for making it possible! Much appreciated and with big smiles….

Our story

When Billy and Hélène Mattison met in Meribel, France, 20 years ago, adventure was part of their attraction. Since then, they’ve managed to breathe adventure into every aspect of their lives. Having boy/girl twins 16 years ago, they’ve raised their kids in Vail, Colorado, getting them outside as much as possible and giving both kids the same opportunities and challenges.

Why sponsors love us

The Kids Adventure Games™ offers sponsors the chance to reach a highly targeted audience of active lifestyle and affluent families via a truly unique event series.

A targeted and desirable audience

A gender balanced audience, the parents of Kids Adventure Games™ participants are affuent well educated and sponsor loyal.


Married with kids iving at home


Likely to purchase sponsor product in the future


Bachellor's degree or higher

Great audience

The outdoor and adventurous environment we create is an ideal opportunity to connect with an engaged audience and present your brand to parents and kids in a positive, active and exciting setting.
Each our sponsorship package is customized to meet the specific needs of each partner in order to ensure maximum exposure for the brand and an attractive and solid ROI.
Almost 40% of the parents attending our events earn over $100k a year.
40% earn over 200k annually!

Sampling of strategic partners

Grand Traverse Adventures has been race directing for the GoPro™ Mountain Games
and World T.E.A.M. Sports, before creating The Kids Adventure Games™.

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