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Our system helps students increase clarity of spoken English up to 100% is as little as 20 hours.

Why is The Right Accent Academy such a game-changer for business?

Our accent modification system offers decades of research results from Carnegie Mellon University Language Technology Institute. It is specifically targeted to assist non-native American English speakers to improve their communication confidence.
  • Our speech training software first assesses and then ranks the user’s pronunciation challenges. Each student receives personally pin-pointed and targeted speaking goals.
  • The Intelligent Tutor© then selects and prioritizes student accent modification training exercises based on each user’s unique speech needs – whether it be pronunciation, grammar, sentence fluency or prosodics.
  • After 10 hours of customized training, student speaking clarity averaged a 60% improvement.

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User Benefits

Individual user benefits

  • State-of-the-art Speech Recognition and AI software
  • Self-directed Tutoring supports user learning pace
  • Mobile Device Friendly for Android or iOS – both phone and tablet
  • Reliable platform to accommodate student practicing in any (WIRED OR WIRELESS) location
  • Personalized training per the student’s native language (67 native languages in total)
  • Multi-sensory precision learning will incorporate, visual, audio and graphic instructions
  • System uses an evidence-based, interval-recall memory technique for each student to best learn and recall information (spaced retrieval)

Corporate benefits

  • Most Cost-Effective and Time-efficient Spoken English Training
  • Streamlines hiring, training and administration operations
    • Identify and train best candidates – offers quick assessments
    • Improve communication with clients
    • Minimize average call handling time
    • Increase CSAT scores
    • Measures Language training effectiveness
    • Performs quality assurance testing
  • Scalable training systems to integrate with multi-location, international businesses
    • Can customize grading scale
    • Can be fine-tuned for each specific operation
    • Results are objective and comparable across individual units, or entire enterprise
  • Detailed reports emailed weekly
Corporate Benefits
We help to you rapidly improve your accents by delivering the:
Best researched
Most time efficient
Most cost efficient
Most intuitive
AND…most effective spoken language training system to meet the needs of the time-constrained, international, L2 English speakers.
Special offer: free use of entire system until may 31, 2020

Do you have any success stories?

Yes we do !

Success Stories

Fortune 50 IT Services Company

When adopting The Right Accent Academy’s NativeAccent solution, the results from the training were immediate:

  • with only 13-hours of training, 88% of new employees passed the articulation assessment
  • 96% passed the pace and pausing assessment.
  • The software optimized voice and accent trainer time by covering 64% of the new employee training curriculum.
  • This reduced our client’s spoken English training cost per employee by 50%.

Major Filipino BPO Training Academy

  • Needed to find English fluent personnel for their rapidly expanding call center client base.
  • Our client recalled candidates previously rejected due to their poor English skills, and asked them to use The Right Accent Academy’s NativeAccent to improve their English skills 
  • With only 10-hours of  training, 70% were regarded as hirable.

Study by a Major Indian BPO

  • The Right Accent Academy’s NativeAccent solution was proven to improve the spoken English skills among those agents with the lowest CSAT scores.
  • With an average pre-training CSAT score of 29%, this group’s performance had a negative impact on both customer satisfaction and enterprise operational and financial performance.
  • With 15-hours of training, average English fluency scores increased by 95%,
  • The group achieved a 55% CSAT score – a 93% increase.

Filipino BPO client

  • With 50% of new hire candidates failing English fluency tests –
  • and another 29% demonstrating borderline English fluency skills – our client assigned this group to train with TRAA’s NativeAccent.
  • With an average of less than 10-hours of training, 100% of previously failing or borderline students exceeded accent neutralization thresholds and passed the English proficiency test.

What kind of support do you offer?

Availability of our excellent, toll-free phone call back system will provide ongoing support for you and/or your team

Personalized tutoring is availablen discounts provided for corporations or schools

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We can design customized solutions to accommodate your needs

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Mary Perozich
The Right Accent Academy

Why being understood is so important?

Incorrectly applied sounds, pace and intonation can result in pronunciation errors that are difficult and expensive to remedy. When colleagues or clients struggle to understand you, your career or ability to sell products and services internationally are negatively impacted.

You can make work and life improvements within hours.

With us, you will improve your speech clarity and credibility as you facilitate listener comprehension.
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