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We make it possible.

Employed or self-employed!
Enable Finance offers you expert tailored to buy your first home and create your own version of financial freedom. We do this through education and by providing personalised financial advice to help you on this journey.
We provide Mortgage Advisory Services and Finance Facilitation for construction loans, development loans, first homes, investment properties, refinancing, restructuring and debt consolidation
Matthew Tan Founder & CEO Enable Finance A Kingdom home Company

From start to finish, hand-holding you through the entire process on the way to getting your mortgage.

We founded Enable Finance out of the strong belief that financial freedom is accessible to everyone. It is the right of any person to enjoy the ownership of their home.

To this end, we have become recognised experts in providing personalised mortgage advice with a focus on hand-holding our clients throughout the entire property buying process from beginning to end.

Need help with your mortgage?

We are extremely grateful to Matt and Vy for making our first home dream a reality. Matt is passionate about his line of work, giving us great advice and confidence throughout the process; from start to finish. Insight into the bigger picture and straight talking, we would recommend to anyone. We are looking forward to continue working with Matt and Vy.
Tom Crosse
  • 9We implement a thorough mortgage advisory approach to increase your ability to settle on the property you want.

How we help you.

We are with you all the way, helping you look at the property you want to acquire.

We help you understand the numbers, their tax implications for you and what it will mean for you over the long term.

We look at the legal implications prior to referring you to the appropriate professional outfits that will be processing your application.

We provide a comprehensive budget forecasting to ensure that you fully understand the impact of the new financial burden on your monthly budget.

We ensure that you can afford your mortgage even when interest rates go up.

We help you negotiate and bid in auction using our strategies and historically, we have increased the chances of our clients in winning the target property.

Discover our services

First Home Buyers

Helping first home buyers with obtaining finance to purchase their family home.

Construction Loans

Helping clients obtain a construction loan for owner-occupied property or investment.

Refinance & Re-fixes

Helping clients to refinance their property and negotiating fixed-term re-fixes.

Investment Property

Helping clients understand mortgage and investment strategies to grow their portfolios.

Kingdom Home
Thinking of building up your property portfolio and learning how to navigate the real estate sector like a pro?

Discover Kingdom Home’s management services and Property Mentoring Programs

We work with our clients to help them become financially independent by teaching them how to grow from one property to the next.

We also help them to get there!

I established the Kingdom Home Group to satisfy my passion for helping people live better lives. As a result, I find myself truly blessed to be able to live a purpose-driven life. I use to the fullest extent my ability and experience to assist others in achieving their goals and dreams.
As a Business Owner and a Financial Adviser, I’m helping people to build a better future, to buy their dream house and to get into the property ladder so that they are able to achieve what I have achieved! “Financial Freedom”.
If you are looking for someone to help you on this journey, you have found the right company. I, as the Enable Finance team, welcome the opportunity to be part of your journey.
Matthew Tan
Founder Enable Finance
A Kingdom Home Company

Now is your turn

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