Once you understand you are your own masterpiece, everything becomes easy.

Monika Maria Wiesner

Monika Maria Wiesner
Monika Wiesner

We are living unprecedented times. As a result, many are trapped in chaos and stress where the suffering, and illness that surround them often become acceptable. We get used to it. But when we stop to look around, we witness lots of dysfunctional relationships, depression, despair, greed, fear and aggression. We gradually accept this as the New Normal.

Then slowly, we let go of our dreams, forgetting that we all possess the unique ability to create our reality and live empowered, fulfilled and healed lives even when everything around us seems too big to change.

We always have an alternative and it’s our responsibility to create the life we want.

Our dreams drive us. They give sense to our lives and provide us with the strength to take on life’s challenges to progress, and become who we are meant to be. Acquiring this fulfilled mindset is critical for your own life as well as for the well-being of your loved ones.

It is our choice to live a life that seems to be haunted by fate, losing jobs, relationships or even becoming ill from it all. So much of our health depends on what we think.

It is also our choice to use our innate power to create a better reality and control our destiny. It starts with the realisation that your life force, joyfulness, inspiration, creativity and love are as real as the negativity that can surround you.

Hold on to your Dreams!

How we will succeed


There are three things I have learnt on my journey to living a fulfilled and happy life:

  1. Changing your life to live out your dreams can happen very quickly.
  2. Every person is unique. There is no one size fits all.
  3. We all control our own destinies

Reclaiming your life, becoming the person you were meant to be, all starts with your decision. Once the decision is made, I am here for YOU to reconnect you with your dreams, removing all blocks not allowing you to tap into your full power and being this unique masterpiece.

Work with Monika
Monika on stage
What I share with you

I share with you the lessons and knowledge I have acquired from a life of great success in certain areas as well as extreme trauma in other areas, such as toxic and abusive relationships, divorce, disease, job loss, burn out and depression.

Like so many people I felt like a victim, totally out of control, not living my own life, not understanding why any of it was happening to me. It felt so random. I lost my dreams.

Change can happen very rapidly

My journey to becoming a fulfilled person, a manager, entrepreneur, coach, inspirational speaker, shaman and healer was long, but led me to where I was destined to be. From this experience, I learnt that I took the long road and could have made this journey far more rapidly had I known what I know now.

The time to act is now!

Move away from living your life on auto-pilot.

Become the author of your own life.

It’s time to free yourself from all old stories and limiting beliefs.

It’s time to write a new and empowering script, that allows you to dream the life you want into being.

It’s time to create a healed and fulfilled life, that’s worth living and sharing with others. Not just for yourself but for those you love too.

What is your next step?

Without knowing it, we unconsciously follow a script, written for us and influenced by our parents from early childhood and our cultural upbringing.

Chances are that you are not sure if you are living your own life or living a repetition of family patterns, a script that you did not write.

Together we will ensure you leave the routine that is not good for you. You need to take that decision for change. No need to postpone your dreams.

If you don’t act now, that day that might never come.

Monika ability to transcend her own life traumas and build a dream she could live led her to present on international stages as an inspirational speaker to spread her message. She has spoken in front of audiences of 3,000 people and shared the stage with people like Steve Wozniak, Jeff Ross, Hugh Hilton, Michael Douglas, Mel Gibson, Vanilla Ice, JT Foxx and others.

Helping my clients find their path in life motivates me to always do more

“After 10+ years of no contact with my father, I was able to re-establish a wonderful relationship with him.”
“Finally the pain in my body is gone.”
“For the first time I could cope with the loss of my son.”
“The most transformational thing I’ve ever done.”
“For the first time I dare to show the world who I truly am.”
“I found meaning in my life beyond my successful career.”
“I grew a much better and intimate relationship with my husband.”
“I finally could release all the pain of my severe childhood abuse. For the first time in my life I feel being me and I feel free and full of joy.”
“After having been on a search for so many years, I finally know who I am and what I’m here for.”
“Had I just met Monika Maria years ago, it would have saved me a lot of pain, time and money.”

From the Corporate World and Science to Spiritual Healing

It took me several years to leave behind my limiting Western worldview and education to open myself to a holistic view and then another decade to find the right tools to bring this wisdom into practice.
Building a bridge between our modern world science and ancient wisdom that has been practiced for thousands of years across the world with countless success stories was the game-changer.

I met incredible people on my journey that helped me reconnect to my own inner wisdom, power and dreams. That’s when my life completely changed.
Healing is a journey and not a quick fix, although many clients experience profound changes already after one or two sessions.

If you are ready for profound healing and change on all levels, ready to take on responsibility and ready to step into your power as the author of your life, dreaming courageously with an open mind, then I am more than happy to be your guide and navigator on your journey.

It’s independent of your role and who you are in life – I am working from Top C-level executives to athletes, celebrities and people from all walks of life.

I am very grateful to all my teachers who brought valuable insights, inspirations and pieces of the puzzle into my life, that brought quantum leaps and were life changing for me. With deep gratitude and respect I want to name a few here, who had a major impact on me and who are still a continuous source of inspiration to me: Tony Robbins, JT Foxx, Kane & Alessia Minkus, Kevin Harrington, Alberto Villoldo, Joe Dispenza, Gregg Braden, Anthony William, Eckhart Tolle, Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer and many others.

Monika Maria Wiesner

Make Your Life a Masterpiece

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