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Murshida & Ahmad

Our Award-Winning Programs mentor and support businesses grow and get visibility offline & online.

We improve the lives of people by training them with the skills they need to rapidly launch and grow a business even in disrupted and challenging markets.
With Zeal & Murshidah
Multi Award-Winning Business Owners & Mentors
Malaysia’s Leading Educational and Self-Empowerment Center

“We are committed to providing long term quality education, mentorships and a platform for people to accelerate their success in life.”

A partial list of our clients
Hewlett Packard Singapore
Westin Stamford Hotel, Kuala Lumpur
Sheraton Imperial Hotel, Kuala Lumpur
Damansara Specialist Hospital
NEXHS Q Herbal Sdn Bhd
Waynette One Stop beauty Centre
Interexpo (M) Sdn Bhd
Salun Persona Indah
InQPharm Asia Sdn Bhd
Cres Wellness
Tawakal Hospital
Ampang Putri Specialist Hospital
Singapore Civil Service Club
PUB Recreation Club
Singapore Eurasian Society
Design Concepts International
7-Eleven for “Healthy Lifestyle”
Grand Hyatt Hotel, Singapore
Edu21 Consultants
Marina Mandarin Hotel Singapore
Hyatt Hotel Singapore
Round Angle Media
Giant Malaysia
Guardian Pharmacy
Cold Storage
Dept of Statistics Malaysia
Ministry of Science Malaysia
Ueda Plating Sdn Bhd
Ministry of Science Malaysia
Guardian Pharmacy
Cold Storage
Dept of Statistics Malaysia
Bedok South Secondary School
Victoria Junior College
Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia Universiti Malaysia
Institut Sosial Malaysia
Kementerian Dalam Negeri
Johnson & Johnson
Penang State Government
Terengganu State Government
TH Travel
KPJ Hospitals
Singapore Army
Singapore Airforce
CIBFM Brunei
Valser Engineering & Services
Singapore Immigration

Yuna’s Success Story

Yuna is a Corporate Strategist that enrolled for into one of our mentoring programs. This is what happened:

Earned RM3500 only 3 days following the jumpstart call coaching session.
Yuna further earned RM70,000 in jus 2 weeks for her new business
Secured the International Women’s Day Project in Putrajaya

Love & Respect Transformation

“Empowering The Leader, Transforming The Community”

We improve people’s lives through education, making a better world through self-empowerment, compassion, sincerity, love and respect.
Love & Respect Transformation Centre is a social conscious business committed to providing long-term quality education, mentorship and a platform for people to accelerate their success in life, career and goals. Our goal is to ultimately eradicate poverty through quality education & mentorships
We channel a portion of our profits to provide quality education and self-development for refugees, low-income families, homeless and youths at risk. We focus on lifting them out of poverty and be successful in life. We provide platforms for them to network, earn income offline and online.


Malaysian Green Project
Malaysian Green Project Management Award 2019 Under Sustainability
Brands for Good Award 2019
Brands for Good Award 2019
Best Personal Brand Award 2017
Best Personal Brand Award 2017

The Problems We Solve

  • Loss of income or loss of job during Covid-19.
  • Financial challenges such as cash flow shortfalls.
  • Unsure how or unable to pivot or innovate your business to remain relevant.
  • Struggle to market your products & services to your target audience.
  • Lack of support systems to successfully launch and grow your business.
  • Gaining greater online visibility for your brand.

The Leave A Legacy Offering


Success Story

Hasan went from teen Syrian refugee to TEDx Speaker

“LRTC really helped me a lot to change my life. LRTC motivated me to move on and never stop. ” – Hassan Syrian


How we help.


  • How to reach your US$5000 income target
  • Lifestyle Design Retreat
  • How to Manifest Your Dreams
  • Expert Personal Branding Training


  • Reprogramming Your Money Mindset
  • Understanding Business and Abundance


  • How to succeeded with Investors
  • Partners and Supporters Networks
  • Acquiring more Clients

Be Award Ready!


  • Creating a strong Company Brand
  • Leverage the power of Personal Branding

30% of our revenue is donated to our digital marketing courses for refugees. Wherever they are, they will have a better chance to integrate their new communities.

Charity Work
Murshida and Zeal
Zeal & Murshidah tirelessly engage audiences on their mission to encourage businesses to higher levels of profitability by becoming conscious businesses and connect with other like-minded companies around the world.

Spread Love & Respect’s Founders

About Murshida


Murshidah is the Singapore envoy for Rootwommers, a word of mouth marketing consultancy and platform for entrepreneurs where she works with businesses to increase profits through systemised word of mouth marketing. She works and coaches entrepreneurs to increase profits and business through the power of networking, word of mouth, values and the Laws of Giving and Gratitude.

Humanitarian Efforts

Murshidah is an active advocate in helping the marginalised groups of people in Malaysia which includes the homeless, sex workers, runaway teens, abused women and children, those living in poverty. She conducts regular visits to raise awareness of the people in need and conducts street feeding activities to reach out to the homeless. She works with NGOs to conduct Mindset Change programmes for the people in need as well as for the volunteers and counselors. She sits in the Economic Committee of Baitul Fiqh, a shelter for women in Kuala Lumpur.

About Zeal

Ahmad Zilhaimi bin Dato Zainuddin or more fondly known as Zeal is the CEO, Co-Founder & Trainer of Love & Respect Transformation Centre in Malaysia. He is a Certified Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Life Coach which is recognized by the American Board of NLP.

Today, Zeal is a Co-Author of 3 International Best Selling Books entitled ​‘​Amazing Grades – 101 Best Ways to Improve Your Grades Faster, Smarter Squared by Best Selling Author & Publisher Pat Wyman in the USA and Place in Sun by Club Heal Singapore.

Zeal has mentored hundreds of people to have more heart centred communication by applying principles of Love & Respect, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Accelerated Learning Techniques.

Zeal is now on a mission to help solve prevailing ​social problems in our society by providing the best quality education and organizing programs for marginalized groups ( the homeless, ​low-income families, refugees, runaway teens, teens at risk, orphans, single parents ) residing in Malaysia, Singapore and around the world.

Join Murshida and Zeal
Join Zeal & Murshidah to start your journey towards greater income, business success and becoming part of a global

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