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Know who you are to know where you are going.

Why 360 LifeHub?

We developed the 360 LifeHub platform to assist women to discover their core beliefs and values to create a powerful and long-last lasting self-awareness. The 360 Lifehub supports and engages women to refocus their life purpose to take the first step to understand what motivates and inspires them.

The 360 LifeHub is a unique platform that regroups experts in every key area of your professional and personal life to help and support you in your growth and development in life or business.
Trisha Chapman
“Nadia truly has a customer-centric mindset and it is a pleasure to work alongside her at The 360 LifeHub. She goes and above and beyond and her passion to help others find their path is reflected in her work ethic and supporting her client’s best interest.”
Trisha Chapman @ impressive CV

When does 360 LifeHub make a difference?


You are feeling disoriented, a bit lost or feel your skills are outdated.


You need career guidance, support in achieving more, or simply good advice.


You feel you need to be heard, and guided in how to prioritize and establish goals.

We ensure women have the clarity they need to a genuine understanding of their full capabilities.


Based on your profile, we design your development roadmap. Our system simplifies your personal and professional journey and allows you to rapidly discover and attain your goals.


360 LifeHub is one-stop shop that equips you with a tailor-made program and a starting point that addresses your need to restart, develop and boost your life.


In order to ensure a sustainable development process, the step by step roadmap we create together aligns your personal with your professional objectives.


Leaving nothing to chance, we rely on specialized tools, such as vocational tests and personality assessments to determine your interests and skills to direct you to specific experts.

The 360LH Expert Assessments

Multiple Intelligence Test
Professional & Personal Interests Test
Personality Test
Plus Personalized Interviews and Detailed Reports

Thanks to 360LifeHub I’ve met with myself. It was an amazing journey where I’ve learned more about my personality and what I could be able to achieve professionally.

Like an eye-opener, it broke so many misconceptions that I had about myself and enable me to flourish, develop my self-confidence and see more clearly what would be the right path for my career and how I could take out the best of myself. I am grateful and thankful for all the team at 360LifeHub and all the amazing work they did with me.
Asmae M.

Working together

1:1 Sessions

We offer personalized support for women following a profiling review to step up progress and accelerate goals achievement in both personal and professional life. This guidance is 100% customized according to your needs and the maturity of your project!

Structured workshops


Holistic Mentoring

After receiving your profiling report, we plan a schedule together. After our last appointment together, we give you a roadmap with advice and recommendations + potential contacts.

Discover how our experts help you achieve your goals. Personal & professional

360 students

This offer is a school-based guidance program for all students aged 16 to 23, who want to learn more about themselves and get concrete advice to easily identify their career paths and move forward in their personal development. We assess guide and empower students seeking to realize their maximum personal, academic, and professional potential through the pursuit of higher education. From grade 9th to Master degree, students and their parents are guided during a complete exploratory assessment, carried out either in Dubai, Paris, or remotely (Zoom).

We achieve change together.

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