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Build your Online Courses in 14 days!

Let your customers maximize their time with your Online Courses
Are you wondering how to best gear up your business to earn and grow?

Our unique Done For You Course Builder package will enable you be ready in 14 days to sell to your customers your services directly online.

Why Online Courses are a game-changer for you

Covid-19 is rapidly changing the world we know. It is highly likely People’s behavior, including social interaction, attendance to events or travel will be durably affected. No one knows how long it will last, but it is safe to assume that these changes will be with us for a while. Online courses were already a fast-growing business, but now they provide business owners a vital channel to reach out to their customers to grow their business.

In this current cliemate, millions of businesses globally could be struggling for some time. However, unexpected events of this type can also be the right time to change how you do business and thrive during adversity.

Be up and running in 14 days.

Now is a good time to launch your Online Courses. Take this opportunity to make this a leap into fully digitalizing your services so your clients can consume your services anywhere and whenever they want. Transform your business by empowering them.

Now, transferring your skillset to an online course and build up your online presence can seem daunting. Where do I start you might ask.

We have made it is easier now than ever for you to connect with your audience and help you expand your footprint by translating your skills and added value into Online Courses.

Our Done For You online courses package will allow you to focus on your content while we package it for you.

How does it work?

This Online Courses Done For You package comes in three parts: the Members Hub, a Landing Page so your customers can sign up, and the all important video Instruction to record your courses, independently, from your home and without needing any filming or editing skills.

Whether you are Android or an iPhone user, you can use our detailed and simple instructions how to record the content for your courses with the equipment you already own, even if rudimentary.

You do not need to be technically talented or experienced to follow our tested step-by-step instructions to be able to successfully record the course material in full.

We even provide you the simple instructions how to send us the material for cutting and post-processing. And after that, you can just sit back and let our team handle the rest.

The secrets to content creation

Throughout our years of working with expert coaches and trainers, we have come to realize that most experts, a key struggle is finalizing and structuring the content itself.

We developed and refined a framework for each expert to structure their content in the quickest and easiest way possible.

Where we make your life really easy is that all you have to do is record your videos and send them to us. We take care of the editing and ensuring your courses reach the market with the professional branding that projects credibility and seriousness.

We also upload your content to your branded and password protected Members Hub allowing you to reach out to your audience as soon as you have recorded your content and that we have edited it.

Online Courses & Lifestyle

Aligning our professional and private lives is more that an aspiration. It’s a necessity. Some entrepreneurs and professional feel at times that passive income from online courses is out of their reach. Our goal is to simplify this process for you.

Experience has shown us that succeeding with online courses is often dependednt on consistency. Now is the time to take the leap into delivering your services digitally because this will provide you with the first building blocs to developing your business on the long term.

It’s not only about generating income and leads. The real benefit of creating an online course is to be able to help and to connect with more people who can now discover you online.

Marketing your courses

As part of our Online Courses Membership Site package, you can choose to have our expert team build your landing page and funnel to promote the services you are delivering online via your Online Courses.

This service includes a Landing Page, a sales funnel, and the integration to your CRM so you can either pick up sales or leads to add to your database.

This service benefits from the same expertise and seamless Done For You methodology that is conceived to get you up and running as quickly as possible.

Important note: this service does not come within the 14-day turnaround of the Membership Site. Best efforts will be applied to ensure your landing page is delievred with two weeks of your Membership Site’s delivery.

Who is this for?

An online course can be a powerful sales and lead generation tool for professionals selling professional or lifestyle coaching, consulting or most types of professional services where your customers need to acquire knowlege as part of your service offering.

A well-conceived online course delivers genuine value to your students and customers. By Sharing your expertise and helping them in their professional or personal lives, or both, allows you over time to impact the lives of a larger group than in any conference hall.

An online course is also a valuable piece of digital real-estate that is an important part of the value of your compny and intellectul property. The more you build it up, the more bankable your service platform becomes.

Your online course with time will also become a convenient outlet to up-sell other other or new services.

Choose your plan.

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Build your Online Courses in 14 days!

Let your customers maximize their time with your Online Courses

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