Does your toddler need help learning to speak and socializing?


Your child’s head-start for a lifetime!

Moms worry when their sweet toddlers are late acquiring communication skills. Kids become frustrated and learning how to express themselves with clarity gives them a head start for life.

What is Talkaroo about?

Our mission is to empower moms in teaching their toddlers how to talk!

Many moms have children that experience difficulties communicating and socializing, and they do nothing about it. And you are here today – that makes you an amazing Rockstar mommy! This means that you’re really committed to your child’s future.
Jennifer Levin and Jelena Vilensky

The moms who register to our Talkaroo Program want:

  • To encourage their toddler to finally start talking!
  • To learn the secrets of, and access the tools used by speech pathologists and therapists.
  • To dive into teaching their toddler, but are often intimidated, and don’t know where to start.
  • To avoid wasting time or making mistakes by taking the wrong steps.
The Talkaroo Program will rapidly allow you to help your child talking.
Sign up now to learn from us the essential steps to get your child to actually learn words quickly!

And if you think that:

Teaching your toddler takes too much time and effort.
You have learned everything you need to know about teaching your toddler how to talk by being a mother.
You need to be a therapist in order to teach your toddler to talk.

Think again!

Moms choose Talkaroo because of our experts’ 30+ years of combined experience in early childhood education.
Kevin Harrington, Talkaroo User
“As founder of As Seen On TV and the original “Shark” on the television series “Shark Tank.” I have launched hundreds of valuable products. I was impressed with how TALKAROO did a great job of maintaining my 2-year-old granddaughter’s attention. She loved it! She was focused on it the whole time – and it’s not easy to get her to stay still! She obviously is a fan!! This is an innovative way to help children learn new words.”

Kevin Harrington, Talkaroo User

Original Shark on “Shark Tank”, Inventor of the Infomercial, Co-Founder of Pitch Video |
Jennifer Levin and Jelena Vilensky

We are so excited to present our unique Talkaroo system. We will share a little bit of our story for you to understand where we are coming from and why we established Talkaroo. The good thing is that we actually know what we’re talking about J, we have learned about speech development and tested our systems.

We have been helping kids learn to talk for almost two decades as well teaching them how to do so rapidly. Jennifer is a Special Education Teacher and a Licensed Behavior Analyst and I am a Licensed Pediatric Speech and Language Pathologist.

We both have children who experienced delays in language development when they were toddlers. My son also showed difficulties in regulating his emotions when a toddler. He was extremely confrontational and threw daily tantrums. I was able to help him regulate his emotions, accept consequences, recognize limits and communicate effectively.

We succeeded in teaching our children how to communicate and socialize along with thousands of other toddlers we have both have worked with separately and as a team. It is our shared passion to help moms and that’s why we established Talkaroo. 

Jelena Vilensky

Talkaroo’s 5-Step Formula for Success

When you are teaching new words, it is important to follow a formula in order to achieve success. If you miss a step, you will not get the response you want. Here is the formula you should be using every day with your child. Sign up to the Masterclass to acquire your basic tool box.
What happens during each phase?
Attention Skills
Eye Contact, Responsiveness, Attention, Focus

First and foremost, to teach anything, get your child to pay attention to you, the environment around you and your child needs to have be distraction free. If there are a million toys laying around and you are trying to teach the child a new word with a puzzle you bought, he may be constantly running away or picking up something else next to him. If this sounds like your toddler, it’s time for a change.

Imitation Skills
Imitation of large and fine motor movements

Second step is understanding where your child is physically. “With regard to the relationship between language and motor skill, the general finding is one of relatively high rates of co-occurrence between impairments in motor coordination and language in children clinically referred for language concerns (Hill, 2001).

Basically, what this means is if there is a motor delay, there typically is also a communication delay as it is connected.

Receptive Language Skills
Listening, Understanding, Identification, Following Directions

The third step is understanding that the child learns by forming associations between objects, actions and words. This means that before the child says the word, they need to associate that one word with one thing.

For example, when you show the child a “bear” and you say “look at my cuddly cute teddy bear”, all they hear is “dananandnanddnandna”.

Expressive Language Skills
Babbling, Echoic: imitation of Sounds (Words), Manding (requesting), Labeling (naming), Responding to questions.

The fourth step is to start imitating sounds and only then words. If the child is not you’re talking, it might be because they’re not yet able to imitate words.

Are they already imitating actions and simple sounds?

Social Skills
Interpersonal Communication

If the child’s language is delayed, their social skills may be delayed. Eye contact, sharing, handing things to mom, attention on one toy together with mom, doing something together are all social skills that need to be learned.

We also focus on this at the Talkaroo academy.

TALKAROO is designed to fosters strong trust and relationships between moms and toddlers, which in turn speeds up your toddler’s learning process.
At the very core of the Talkaroo system are a series of animated cartoons each focusing on new words. They have been conceived to achieve the best results in the shortest timespan.
“We have created an exciting cast of animated characters to facilitate your child’s learning process!”
Jennifer Levin – Co-founder Talkaroo Academy
Mr. Parrot
Mr. Mouse

Why does it achieve great results?

With our TALKAROO System, every day you will know exactly on what you need to focus on with your child. You won’t feel lost, but instead empowered with easy to understand and fun speech learning tools. You will also be part of a community of moms who have children with mild or moderate delays in speech and social development. You will have access to an online forum where you can ask any question and additionally, have Skype access to a speech pathologist and special educator/behavioral analyst.

Irina Vaynshteyn, Ph.D., CCC-SLP (Assistant Professor, Graduate Program in Speech Pathology, Touro College, School of Health Sciences) says:

“TALKAROO program effectively facilitates vocabulary learning through music and movement. Each video is skillfully designed to elicit specific word production in various contexts. This language program encompasses visual, auditory and tactile components. Toddlers are actively engaged in sing along activities, while being prompted to imitate age-appropriate repertoire of words, including first words, names of animals, action words, etc.”

Why we do what we do?

Teaching your child can be daunting. But it’s all about taking one step at a time and following the steps that work. You can only ask people to do something only after you have done it yourself. Right?

We have done this for almost 20 years. You actually have to take action to get your child to talk. Since you already made the decision to help your child, your experience at this point does not matter! It does not matter if you are a total newbie or a seasoned mom with older children.

We know that when you choose this program for your child, you will discover that it will transform not just your child, but you as a mom as well. You will feel empowered, as you will have the tools and will know what to do every day to get your child to talk!

“We have been created by a purpose, with a purpose” says Les Brown. We found ours by teaching kids to talk!
Jelena Vilensky. M.S. CCC/SLP,TSHH

Jelena Vilensky. M.S. CCC/SLP,TSHH

Founder and president of Speech Pathology Therapy, P.C.
Co-founder of TALKAROO LLC.

Jelena Vilensky has been a licensed speech and language pathologist, and a certified teacher of speech and hearing handicaps for almost 20 years. In addition to speech and language therapy, she has also addressed voice Therapy, stuttering therapy, therapies with apraxic children and feeding/oral-motor therapy. She has looked after clients suffering from autism, articulation/phonological disorders and resonance disorders, Down syndrome, motor disorders, fluency disorders, hearing loss, cerebral palsy, mental retardation and other serious disorders.

She has become a top evaluator of speech/language and feeding delays and disorders over the past decade and has learnt to rapidly decipher what causes the child’s speech/language or feeding delay.

Sought after as an evaluator and therapist, Jelena has worked at top agencies like Challenge early intervention center, Omni childhood center, Step up services for children ages 3-5, City Pro group childhood center and Special education associates center.

Called on for her expertise in speech and language development, speech and language therapy and expert evaluations, Jelena has trained other evaluators and consulted for special educators, occupational and physical therapists on speech and language delays and disorders.

She has taught parents cutting-edge speech development techniques, resolved feeding problems and uncovered voice disorders and vocal nodules when the child was thought of “just unable to speak.“

Devoted to excellence, Jelena holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Speech and Language Pathology from Brooklyn College, NY. She also holds a Certificate of Clinical Competence from the American Speech Language and Hearing Association. Jelena married Dmitry Vagman in 1998. Jelena and Dmitry have three teenagers, Eric, Sabina and Biana.

Jennifer Levin, MS.Ed, BCBA, NYS LBA

Jennifer Levin, MS.Ed, BCBA, NYS LBA

Founder and president of Learning Advantage Inc.
Co-founder of TALKAROO LLC.

Jennifer Levin has been working as a developmental specialist in NYC for almost two decades. Initially she started her career as a certified Special Education teacher in Early Intervention Program through well-known agencies of NYC tri-state area.

She specializes in working with children with developmental delays and disabilities. Her expertise has been providing ABA therapy to non-verbal children with Autism, ADHD and oppositional defiant toddlers. As a Board-Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) she has worked with children with Autism supervising ABA therapists and guiding parents during the parent training sessions focusing on the specific needs of the family for the child in service.

Jennifer Levin is currently working as a Clinical Director for 2 NYC’s agencies leading their ABA programs. As a sought after clinician and evaluator with children that have various developmental delays and disabilities, Jennifer’s primary population of interest and passion has been working with toddlers with Autism and their parents while teaching and guiding them through the difficult process of teaching them to communicate and socialize appropriately.

Jennifer has trained other ABA professionals, consulted with occupational and physical therapists, as well as speech and language pathologist to provide multidisciplinary approach in her therapy.

Jennifer now works as a Consultant, a Behavior Analyst and a Clinical Director. Jennifer manages and writes for TALKAROO, as a way to share easy to use and ready to implement strategies and ideas for parents. Jennifer also travels internationally for professional and personal development, as well as a consultant providing individualized training to parents, educators, therapists and administrators in the world of Autism.

Jennifer is happily married to Gennady Levin and has 2 beautiful children: Benjamin 18 years old son and Jessely 13 years old daughter.

Jennifer received her Undergraduate degree in Psychology from Hunter College, a Master’s degree in Special Education from Touro College and has completed her Applied Behavior Analysis education from Florida Institute of Technology.

8 Reasons Why Families Love Us
TALKAROO is unique!
It is based on the expertise of a teacher and speech pathologist and is the result of two decades of their research in this field.
As a parent, you want to communicate with your child, know what they need, what they’re thinking, and for them to understand you in return.

As moms ourselves, we created TALKAROO to guide you so that your baby communicates and blossoms

TALKAROO is an exciting, one-of-a-kind and memorable experience for you, and your child.

With their first words, your children create long lasting memories for you while making their way in the world to make new friends.

Communicating early is critical to your child’s functioning at home and with peers.
That’s why our program is researched, tested and expertly executed.

Teacher facilitated, parent-modeled and child-enjoyed!

This fun system expertly elicits words and is groundbreaking in the educational world:

It uses 55 short animated films with specifically composed songs that focus on one target word per song, repeated many times*.

Repetition is the mother of learning.

This is what TALKAROO is all about!

Songs and animated cartoons are sequenced in a systemized developmental progression.

Classes include parent learning as well as a structured and guided interactions between

With parent involvement at the core of our philosophy, we create an environment in which your child can be challenged while providing the opportunity to celebrate their milestones.

Why both your toddler and you will benefit from Talkaroo

Talkaroo’s Online Method
  • You will learn the system that enables your toddler to finally talk.
  • You will learn ways to get your child to imitate actions, sounds and words.
  • You will learn how to get your child to follow directions.
  • You will learn how to reinforce appropriate behaviors while minimizing inappropriate ones.
  • You will learn how to get your child to socialize with peers.
  • You’ll gain the necessary skills to help your child progress weekly.
  • You’re not only invited to observe, you’ll actively participate in the entire learning process and see your child rapidly communicating!
  • You will experience reduced frustration, as well as know what to expect and achieve for an improved connection with your child.

Talkaroo’s Online Method

Your toddler will start the lesson by watching a video, that will enable them to start forming associations between objects, actions and words as the videos are designed by therapists to do just this. They will either follow instructions themselves or you can help them do so. They will be prompted to imitate actions, sounds and words.

Repetition is central to the lessons, that’s how kids will learn new words.

Praising the child throughout the lesson will aid in their learning. This is not theory. This is from almost two decades of practice and it actually works.

These are the exact strategies we have been using with thousands of toddlers helping them learn new words and finally talking. Many moms are now complaining that they now just can’t get their child to shut up.

What’s included in your Talkaroo Program?

Access to a series of 55 short cartoons with specifically composed songs that focus on one target word per song in a systemized developmental progression.
Weekly communication and social development group classes for toddlers with their moms (10-12 kids per class) where animated target word musical cartoons are interspersed with sensory play, imitation of sounds, words and movements, as well as arts & crafts activities for a multisensory learning experience.
Daily homework is assigned. This will solidify the skills obtained at the group classes.
Informative and fun Parent Training Webinars & Workshops
Facebook Forum for parents for any questions, concerns and information.

We Offer 3 Options for Families

Option One:
By myself

Do it yourself (you get 5 lessons to start with, print out guide as to what to do and 5 proprietary cartoons that are applicable to the lessons). No communication with us.

Option Two:
With a team

You get the monthly subscription to and access our library of video lessons that is updated on a monthly basis, related cartoons and also a private Facebook forum to be able to get support not just from us, but from fellow parents dealing with the same issues as you.

Your child learns at their pace and you learn what you need to know and do in order to teach your toddler to talk, one step at a time. Nothing is held back from you, no missing info.

You just need to follow it, step by step.

Option Three:
With personal therapists

You benefit from our private involvement in your specific situation. Your child receives an online private Informal Multidisciplinary Complete Assessment (value is $500), you also enjoy weekly group Q&A meetings, Skype Access to the teacher/behavioral analyst and speech/language pathologist therapist (priceless). To top it all, you record videos of your child learning and send it to us weekly. We then review it and personally guide you (value is $100/hr).

You are guided privately as your child learns at their own pace and you learn what you need to do to teach your toddler to talk, step by step.

Nothing is held back from you and all you need to do is follow the program to get the results you desire.

This is what moms are saying about us.

“Update: My daughter has suddenly made extreme progress! Yay! She’s becoming more vocal and imitating. This was the first time she tried saying bear!”

Victoria L.

Mother of 3 year old Alexa
Talkaroo online program is amazing!! My son is excited to learn and does not want to stop. I’m so glad that I made the decision to invest in my boy’s language education by signing up with Thank you! I’m a happy mommy!”

Melissa B.

Mother of a 22-month-old Michael
“ is so amazing! It keeps my son coming back for loads of fun every day, multiple times a day. This is a great way for him to learn new words.”

Carrie L.

Mother of 22–month–old Leon
“I love it and so does my son!!! He now asks to get on it by saying ”TALKA-A-WOO!!! Makes me smile and feel good that he wants to learn new words.”

Michelle K.

Mother of 20–month–old Anthony.
“Update: My daughter has suddenly made extreme progress! Yay! She’s becoming more vocal and imitating. This was the first time she tried saying bear!”

Victoria L.

Mother of 3 year old Alexa
“I absolutely love it. My daughter is actually excited about learning. This is only day two, and she is already repeating the word ”baby” and can’t wait ‘til the next lesson. Thank you!”

Joanne K.

Mother of a 22-month old Samantha
“My daughter said “more” after watching TALKAROO video lessons. She cried when her sister kept on interrupting her watching. She tried to sing along and enjoyed it!”

Rosa T.

“I just came back to the site before going to bed, because I wanted to tell you just how excited my daughter was to go to this morning. She had the biggest smile on her face while running to my computer and pointing at it. I knew right away what she wanted. When we started learning new words together, she was the happiest I’ve seen in a while. Thank you.”

Luoise K.

Mother of 23-month-old Kayla
“This is just what I was looking for!!! I can sit next to my daughter and walk her through, but it is easy enough that she can learn new words by herself…the lessons are just the right length.”

Melissa H.

Mother of a 2–year–old Jessica
“We are loving this program! I was looking for a resource to teach my kids new words, instead of them just watching useless cartoons and I have found it!”

Kim J.

Mother of 1 and 2-year-old Shana and Sara
“This is a spectacular online program. My child loves the songs that actually teach a specific word per song and the activities! We enjoy learning together as I now know what to do also.”

Elizabeth M.

Mother of 22–month-old Kimberly
“Increased opportunities for verbal interaction can strengthen critical processing skills that enable more efficient learning.
Increasing parents’ verbal engagement with their infants has the potential to change the course of vocabulary growth. Talking to children matters: Early language experience strengthens processing and builds vocabulary.”
Early language experience strengthens processing and builds vocabulary by Adriana Weisleder and Anne Fernald
New York University School of Medicine, Department of Pediatrics.

Potential consequences of inaction

Toddlers who are late developers in terms of talking skills and general socialization often experience great frustration.

  1. They may get frustrated, hit, bite, scream, throw themselves on the floor, throw tantrums, bang their heads on the floor/walls, just because they can’t talk yet.
  2. They may get lonely and not have friends because they can’t talk well enough to communicate.
  3. They are missing out on forming good relationships with others because of either your, or your pediatrician’s “wait and see” approach. Each month you wait, the farther behind your child may become.
  4. Any language delays need to be addressed as early as possible. If a child is left to learn on their own, the child may show behavioral problems, have social difficulties with peers (i.e. biting and hitting others) and will eventually require speech and/or special education therapy. “Infants differ substantially in their rates of language growth, and slower growth predicts later academic difficulties.”
  5. Your toddler is desperately looking for ways to voice their thoughts, emotions and feelings. Learn how to give your toddler satisfaction, finally! By being able to step in when your help is so badly needed. Know what you are doing while learning along with your toddler.

Are you ready for results?

What is your next step?

Trust your instincts! Research shows that toddlers that speak later than others and imitate words rarely may be at risk for developing language and/reading/writing difficulties as they get older. Children who also don’t follow directions and have difficulty understanding what their mother is saying are at even greater risk for poor academic outcomes (Marchman & Fernald, 2013).

What is your next step?
If you hire us
If you hire us

If you were to hire Jennifer or myself to do this program with your child one on one virtually, the cost would be $2,000 a month, which is $24,000 a year. If we were to walk you through this in person, five days a week, our hourly rate is $250 an hour, it would amount to $5,000 a month.

So how much will it cost you to master it yourself?

Definitely not $24,000. Not even $5,000.

Since you are taking the time to invest in your child, by being on this training with us, we made a one-time TALKAROO offer for you. The Talkaroo Academy online program is regularly a monthly subscription of $97 a month, but we are making it available for $47 “corona special” today, along with very special bonuses!

o how much will it cost you to master it yourself?
1 Bonus

#1 Bonus – 

#2 Bonus – is access to our members-only, Talkaroo Academy Facebook support group to boost your learning and to help you connect and collaborate with your fellow Talkaroo moms around the world. The support, camaraderie and both Jennifer and I are there as well answering your questions and guiding you along. You get really practical insights from other mothers.

Get Your Toddler Speaking!

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