Tami Gaines

Embrace your challenges to find the strength that you have in you right now.

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Tami Gaines
Tami Gaines | Motivational Speaker, Author, Entrepreneur & Leading Resilience Mindset Trainer
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Goldman Sachs

organ Stanley

Kings County Hospital


Wells Fargo Bank

The Marriott Corp.

Bank of America

National Assoc. of Women

Business Owners


CityKids Foundation

NJ Small Business Development Centers

Lehigh University

University of Virginia

Columbia University

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Fordham University

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Tufts University

Rebirth of Soul
Adversity. Some say it breaks you. I say it makes you
Rebirth of Soul
Your CD has motivated me to keep up the good fight no matter the obstacles.

I have a copy of The Rebirth of Soul and I found it to be very helpful and inspiring. Your CD has motivated me to keep up the good fight no matter the obstacles. Thank you for sharing your experiences and I am proud to have met you. Although I am older than you are, you are what I aspire to be as a business woman. Thanks again for your words of wisdom.

Thanks for your consistent PMA – Positive Mental Attitude and just being here – God Bless yours.

As always you have an amazing attitude toward life which – SHOULD RUB OFF, however people will be people and fear will always be – FEAR. Thanks for your consistent PMA – Positive Mental Attitude and just being here – God Bless yours.

Robert Graham
“Absolutely excellent!

The interactivity and audience participation are hugely impactful and help to incorporate the information learned. Tami’s communication comes from the heart. She is an absolutely awesome trainer and it’s unbelievable that given her time limitations and family situations, that she still finds the time and space to share such valuable information with us.”


You’ve made decisions that have defined you. Let’s keep growing together.

What you will learn

A 4-Phase Process to Grow Stronger from Any “WTF” Challenge
Preparation Phase

Acknowledge, Understand & Take 100% Responsibility

Purge Phase

Release expectations of how things should have been. Release all things that no longer serve you

Production Phase

Develop new thoughts and habits that are in alignment with your new vision

Paradise Phase

Reinforce new habits. Recognize all victories. Repeat for your next challenge

My Story

SOUL POWER is a girl’s best friend!

My journey into training women on building a Resilience Mindset like most things wasn’t planned. Married 12 years with two gorgeous children, I became unexpectedly (but happily) pregnant with twins. My husband gave me an ultimatum: “Me or the twins”. It took me 12 seconds to say:

“The twins”

The next five months were dizzying. Alone, I started my new life as a single mom. I started the divorce proceeding, ended up on hospitalized bedrest for 5 weeks trying to save the pregnancy, lost both of my grandmothers, gave birth to micro-preemies, and even had to put my dog to sleep. Once discharged, we spent most days at doctors or in the hospital. Life is never simple. The answers are never easy. But I overcame.

I started several businesses, became an author, and was the keynote speaker at women’s events. I’ve spent the last 15 years training women how to create a better reality for themselves by embracing and growing through their challenges.

I will teach you how to use your willpower to stay strong and own the journey regardless of how hard it gets.

Be Strong. Be You!

“At 25 weeks, marketing consultant and motivational speaker Gaines experienced the heartbreaking pain of giving birth to premature twins. Here, she gives parents a spiritual and emotional boost, organized into an A-to-Z format, encompassing such issues as trusting your instincts, conquering negativity, and letting go. Gaines has a deep spiritual foundation. Her advice for communicating with hospital staff and taking care of oneself is elegant and on target. The book sometimes reads like an addictive infomercial, yet it’s beautifully produced, with slick pages, full-color sidebars, and effective illustrations.”

Library Journal (Online)

“Tami Gaines has done a masterful job in offering parents a vivid and candid retelling of her NICU experience, by trading fear with empowerment and replacing medical jargon with spiritual understanding. With great authenticity, she shows the reader how to keep their child the priority at all times and use advocacy to build a respect-based relationship with the nurses and providers a most important skill that few teachers and even fewer master. Preemie Parents is a must-read for every parent who wants to successfully manage the emotional roller-coaster of the NICU.”

Dr. Gaines Mimms, Neonatologist

“Tami Gaines does a phenomenal job of giving life to the emotional and spiritual journey we, as parents of premature babies, endure. She guides you through a place where no one wants to be, and leads you to a destination of hope, calm and comfort. Preemie Parents is a must-read for anyone dealing with the journey between life and death.”

Stephanie Brady, Mother of premature twins
Book Preemie Parents

Preemie Parents

By Tami C. Gaines

At the encouragement of parents, doctors and hospital administrators, Tami has written Preemie Parents, 26 Little Ways to Grow With Your Premature Baby, to help other parents cope as she has with a heart wide open to learning life’s lessons.

Both practical and inspirational, Tami has revolutionized the way people experience prematurity, divorce and other unexpected crises.

“Tami returns power to those who feel powerless as they go through their challenges by reminding them that the context that we give our experiences is ultimately our defining story.”
Tami Gaines - Author Preemie Parents
Events, Workshops & Keynotes
Tami was most riveting speaking in front of over 25,000 at a conference on leadership in Miami, Florida, last year. It seemed that she was speaking intimately with each one of us as she gracefully crossed the stage to communicate with the thousands in the audience.

Sue Gilad
Author, The Real Estate Millionaire (McGraw-Hill, 2006)

Tami on stage


AUDIENCES from 30 PEOPLE to 30,000

I’m here to transform lives
Keynotes | Workshops | Facilitation | Panels | Virtual & Hybrid Events | Moderator | Guest Lecturer |MC | Motivational

“Thank you for giving us a wonderful, authentic and blessed experience. I was able to take so much information from your experiences and testimony. You are truly a real inspiration that God has blessed with a unique gift about business, life and how we live it. You have given me the courage to stand strong, move and move forward.”

K. Holt

“Thank you so very much for your distributor trainings. As you know, we receive literally hundreds of requests to have you as the speaker for all of our trainings from the more than a thousand distributors in Brooklyn. You have enlightened and motivated all who have attended your trainings with your intensity, charisma, and captivating audience-focused approach as a speaker. We have enjoyed record attendance that only your name can manifest and the energy that you bring to each speaking event. We look forward to bring you back to Brooklyn as soon as your schedule permits.”

Garry Thomas

“A perfect workshop to start the New Year! You’ve opened the door to not just thinking about my goals, but to actually achieving them. I’m excited about the tremendous possibilities that lie ahead – you’ve me a greater purpose, desire, and commitment to stay the course. Thanks for your inspiration and knowledge.”

Linda Smith

Every day that goes by during which you faced the world without comprimising your soul is a victory.

Be Strong. Be You!

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